Advanced Retail Concepts presents SmartStore 4.0
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SmartStore 4.0 is a high-speed, simple cash register plug-in for QuickBooks.

SmarStore is a computer-based cash register that connects directly into QuickBooks. This powerful combination taps the reliability and ubiquity of the QuickBooks platform, while simultaneously providing the ease of management and flexibility of configuration to meet the demands of a high-speed cash-only sales register.

How It Works
Your items, vendors, bills, sales receipts, deposits, employees and inventory counts only have to be entered once - in QuickBooks - the #1 accounting system for small businesses. SmartStore opens QuickBooks into a fast, simple, easy-to-use sales screen.

At the end of the day, SmartStore posts the day's sales in a Sales Receipt directly back into QuickBooks. It's a perfect combination for a high-speed, cash-only sales environment.

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