Dear Friends,

When I started working on the software that would become SmartStore back in high school, my goal was to create a Point of Sale solution to meet the unique needs of student-operated stores. The software needed to be quick, intuative, and effective.

Having run its course, this project is no more, and the business has been shut down.

Through four complete re-writes of the application, I learned a lot. Starting with a simple DOS-based version, through Windows and eventually converting it into a QuickBooks front-end, I learned a lot about software, but even more importantly, I learned a lot about business and the product development life cycle. Hopefully, I helped a few people along the way.

I am especially grateful to the DECA teachers that entrusted me to provide services to their school and students, and gave me a real-world chance to practice what I learned in the program. You know who you are. Thank you.

In gratitude,