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Features of SmartStore 4.0

The philosophy of SmartStore 4 is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid). Too many accounting platforms are over-built, over-budget and over-complicated. By building a Sales Screen that taps into QuickBooks, we're able to keep the selling part simple, and the back-room functions flexible and sturdy.

For High-Speed, Cash-Only Stores
If seconds count and your business is cash-only, this is the point of sale solution for you. SmartStore 4 was designed for concession stand sales, where maximizing profit means moving fast and getting to the next customer. But moving fast doesn't mean you have to sacrafice accountability - SmartStore 4 tracks every dollar and every item.

Plugs into QuickBooks
No need to enter your product twice, or enter sales back into QuickBooks. SmartStore 4 connects directly to QuickBooks so your items, vendors and employees are all managed in one place. And even better yet - your sales are created directly in QuickBooks too, so your sales figures and inventory counts are updated immediately and automatically.

Uses Point Of Sale Hardware
Connect a regular PC to a cash drawer and a barcode scanner, and you've got yourself a SmartStore sales till. SmartStore 4 supports:
  • Serial and USB cash drawers
  • Parallel receipt printers (optional)
  • Serial, USB and keyboard wedge barcode scanners (optional)

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Login Screen
When a sales person approaches the cash register, they will have to log in. This secures the use of the till and access to the cash drawer. SmartStore 4 tracks who has logged into the till to make each sale, and when it is time to reconcile the till, SmarStore 4 shows every user that has sold something since the last reconcile.

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Sales Screen
The sales screen is the main screen of SmartStore and is used to enter sales. Simply ring up a customer by selecting products from the QuickType menu, or by scanning them. Then enter the amount of cash that they gave you with the number pad on the right. You can use the keyboard or a touch-screen. Fast, easy, intuative.

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Reconcile Screen
When the shift or day is over, the cash drawer is counted down and the deposit is prepared. Just enter the number of each bill or coin being deposited, and your variance is computed immediately. Once the count is confirmed and the change is returned to the cash drawer for the next shift or day, a Sales Receipt is generated in QuickBooks updating sales income and inventory levels.

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Other Questions?
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